Enhance your GroupMe chats!

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224 groups

• Online

A chatbot for Yale students! Includes a wide variety of capabilities, including course info, s...

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79 groups

• Online

Try $MSFT or $bac for a stock price

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Bot Against Humanity

78 groups

• Online

Bot Against Humanity allows members of GroupMe chats to play everyone's favorite party game, toge...

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2 groups

• Online

A helpful bot for the staff group chats of The Yale Globalist, Yale's quarterly magazine of inter...

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19 groups

• Online

Render (La)TeX equations in GroupMe! Send TeX markup surrounded by $ symbols to render it in the chat.

Chip Rittler bot avatar

Chip Rittler

9 groups

• Online

Old Owl bot avatar

Old Owl

3 groups

• Online

A bot for the staff of the Yale Record, America's oldest humor magazine.

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16 groups

• Online

A simple bot for viewing xkcd comics in GroupMe! Say `xkcd 1234` for comic #1234, or just `xkcd` ...

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33 groups

• Online

A simple bot to fill your chats with NASA's beautiful Images Of The Day.

LinkBot bot avatar


12 groups

• Online

A bot to link together Discord channels and GroupMe groups

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52 groups

• Online

Fill in meme templates (modern memes, no impact font). Say %help for a tutorial.

gifbot bot avatar


49 groups

• Online

Posts GIFs from GIPHY. Try "#Auburn Basketball" or "#lol" for a GIF. Tag @gifbot for help.

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51 groups

• Online

Converse with Cleverbot (cleverbot.com) through GroupMe. Say any message prefixed with "." to ...

KittyBot bot avatar


35 groups

• Online

Gets cat facts and cat pictures for all the cat lovers. ,catpic ,catfact

Money Bot bot avatar

Money Bot

2 groups

• Online

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0 groups

• Online