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Erik Boesen

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224 groups

• Online

A chatbot for Yale students! Includes a wide variety of capabilities, including course info, s...

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Bot Against Humanity

75 groups

• Online

Bot Against Humanity allows members of GroupMe chats to play everyone's favorite party game, toge...

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2 groups

• Online

A helpful bot for the staff group chats of The Yale Globalist, Yale's quarterly magazine of inter...

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18 groups

• Online

Render (La)TeX equations in GroupMe! Send TeX markup surrounded by $ symbols to render it in the chat.

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Old Owl

3 groups

• Online

A bot for the staff of the Yale Record, America's oldest humor magazine.

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16 groups

• Online

A simple bot for viewing xkcd comics in GroupMe! Say `xkcd 1234` for comic #1234, or just `xkcd` ...

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33 groups

• Online

A simple bot to fill your chats with NASA's beautiful Images Of The Day.

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50 groups

• Online

Fill in meme templates (modern memes, no impact font). Say %help for a tutorial.

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51 groups

• Online

Converse with Cleverbot (cleverbot.com) through GroupMe. Say any message prefixed with "." to ...

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9 groups

• Online

Match up members of a group to get Zoom lunch together (or do something else)! Simply say "Mealbo...

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20 groups

• Online

Play Tic Tac Toe in GroupMe! Say #start to start a game, and for more information!

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12 groups

• Online

**UPDATE: GroupMe's infrastructure has changed such that this bot no longer works.** Mention e...

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11 groups

• Online

**Broken by recent GroupMe update, fix in progress** Play chess in your GroupMe chats! Say /star...

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Chicken Tenders Day Bot

3 groups

• Online

Bot that announces when Yale Dining Chicken Tenders Day arrives.

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Eight Ball

51 groups

• Online

A helpful bot that tells the future with 100% accuracy. Say "?" followed by any question to get y...

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17 groups

• Online

Analyze activity in your group! Simply add and say "analytics" to generate a table of user statistics.